Why are “WE” all lumped together?

Maybe it’s selfish but everybody else’s shit is not my problem.  This morning, I was woken out of a sound sleep-(which is rare—the soundness—not the waking up part) by Marie asking me where the hell is my sister.

Just for the record my sister and I are both in our thirties. THIRTIES!!!!

Unless, Marie saw the news and my sister’s plane just went down, my Mother should not be waking me up to ask me where she is. Not my problem! Quite frankly, anything that pisses Marie off often is my problem.

Marie’s historically blaming, accusing and flat-out letting me know that I somehow am at the root of any shit that is happening. That may be Sister’s shit, Brother’s shit, My Kids, In-laws, Outlaws, Politics; “They” or “Those People”.

My Mother has a way of saying “You people” that groups every suck thing you’ve ever done with every suck person in the world—it’s absolutely infuriating!

When I am telling somebody off for some suck-ass asshole thing that I believe that person has done—I say YOU—not “you people”.  Quite honestly, I don’t think all “You people” suck—just “select people” at “select times”.

For example:  The Asshole driving twenty miles per hour in the forty-five zone while I was on my way to Bucks this morning.

Are YOU fuckin’ serious? YOU are a douchebag!

Just before I started blowing the Audi’s horn and it became one of those you can’t control the next sentence out of your mouth moments; where “You” are a fuckin’ cunt and now “You” have sunk to being like the rest of “Them”— a smile came from a lovely young officer on detail and reeled me back. Thank you to the Men and Women in Blue–You People are Awesome!

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