Marie’s Wish


I touched everything, read everything, and wanted most things we couldn’t afford.  Still true today.

Marie always said I was a pain in the ass kid. I wanted what I wanted, when I wanted it and would not stop till I got it. Crying, foot stomping, jumping out of a moving car (she always stopped when I had one leg hanging out of the door)


There is something to be said for the bliss I experience when shopping for delicious items, when I don’t really have a job. More should try it—although the economy would suck even more if nobody worked—plus, they would be in my fuckin’ way. Never mind. Bad idea.

Just leave me and my bitch, Miss Carry, alone to touch things at Barney’s. Maybe I’ll go there today. No! I’m working…right?

{Hello reader, are you still with me? ADHD moment.}

Anyway, The Girl, my nine year old daughter. She is starting to act just like I did. Oh my God! Thank God for child safety locks or I swear she would’ve jumped in the first grade! Today is free dress at school. You would think it would be easier for her considering I am a compulsive shopper and she had an array of lovely, overpriced clothes to choose from scattered on the floor…but no!! She wants to wear a cream t-shirt with no sleeves that is too tight and a fucking tennis skirt!! Half of the time she is a wreck and I have to let it go because it is her thing. Thank God for uniforms all of the other days!

Marie like most mothers had wished I had a kid just like I was. And yes, The Girl is a pain in the ass, but I like to fancy the idea that I will mold her into less of a pill as time goes on. I am under the impression that if I am honest and talk to her about sex and drugs she will avoid them—not look for them as I did. Sex, drugs, eating-disorders, you name it—the addiction of the week. Every fucking thing I saw on those asshole afterschool specials on Channel 5, I tried. I like to think The Girl will have enough knowledge, esteem and guidance to avoid that shit.

{If she does— I’ll buy her a Juicy bag.}

The bag The Girl would kill for!

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