Slow Ride

                                           A MESSAGE FROM THE1ACCESSORY, MISS CARRY

 If you have read @EggsSmokeSex on Twitter lately or any of her recent blog posts, you are aware she has been fighting with a Grapefruit in her throat. She struggles to be heard. There is so much heartache lingering. Between her recent break with her beloved little sister, Sweet Dee; to changes in the living arrangements within her family unit. Then there are the addictions, well they belong solely to her and she continues to highlight them in bits and pieces throughout daily rants on Twitter.

These pictures are from a week ago. We took a ride together driving across state lines, smoking a lot and listening to music. Very little speaking really happened and we ended up at the tip of the Cape. There were no cars on the road come night time and there was a darkness and serenity of being the only two people around in a deserted land of dunes and sleeping retail.

We discussed putting together a list of Twitter rants from the hours leading to the trip, but for now; the pictures will  hopefully speak to you.

In the upcoming days I hope to post something written about this time from @EggsSmokeSex.

Until then, I remain, @The1Accessory

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