Hello lovely, so very nice to see you. Come and sit awhile with me. It’s one am and I’m feeling lonely. It is and I am not really. I am lolly-gagging in my new office trying to get a feel for my new little world.

My ass is happily planted in the comfiest swivel rocker imaginable. Okay – its not that great, it’s just a sweet chair. I picked it out when I was pregnant with my son – I sat in this bitch with both kids so many times and rocked my mind away. Now I can embrace it like a trophy and use it as my soapbox at my table, caressed with words.

{Papers strewn on my maple platform}

Let me start out by saying, I have been working for over a year in my car, at Dunkin donuts, Starbucks, rogue parking lots, TripleExe’s house – I could go on like a twelve-year old girl but I am sure you get it. If you have read this far I assume you are at least of average intelligence.

{Or a fourth grader}

Either way, I have been spinning my wheels for a space to work and not leave my family all the time. I really am just beginning to like them again. They feel the same, it hasn’t been easy going from do everything over achiever super mom to who I am today. The process has been a couple years in the making now. I remind them how much I love them alot more these days.

Let me tell you some more about my new space…

The walls are painted with Atlantic Petunia, Tangy & Tribal Pottery, respectively by Behr. Did you know I adore male Bears? Or maybe its the image they conjure up. Food for thought. The colors are fabulous together and dreamier still with the sea-foam blue carpet under my feet. I really need a pedicure. The colors make me happy as my husband has only recently become more open to color. He likes white and beige pretty much.

My new space looks like a 96 count box of Crayola threw up all over the place.I’m reminded suddenly of, ‘This one time, when I was very very intoxicated and very late getting home’, stumbling through my bedroom like the graceful swan that I am not.

My mother had had enough of my bullshit and was locking the front door and going to bed. All that moving around in my room must have upset my belly because I managed to puke all over myself. I had enough to smarts to take my yucky clothes off, the sense I was missing was in the part of my brain that frequently turned black when I drank too much, the knowledge of my where about. I didn’t know I was home and thought I was still late. I ran out the front door and down the street in my bra and panties screaming, “I’m Late! I’m Late!” Mimi caught up to me of course but not before I was seen  by a carload of boys I knew – and she ushered me home. 

My desk is a table that we purchased before we got married and still lived in a three room apartment. It is honey colored and maple. The marks on it I recognize from years of use and years of living. It feels like a touch stone and I’m thrilled to have it adorned with various figurines of mythical creatures, notebooks, coloring books, magical markers, books I love and AN ASHTRAY.

My bowl is sitting on a stack of magazines I haven’t had time to read on top of a green trunk. My mother bought the trunk at a yard sale one day when we were walking home for five dollars when I was five. It is lined with cedar and I have pictures, a prom dress and some other beauties inside of it. I have been carting It around with me all these years. Another something to love in my space. It was always me and the damn green trunk home hopping. I’ve have lost furniture, clothes, friends and husbands but never the trunk; it tells a story to me. It makes me happy to see.

I usually don’t have curtains in my windows, I have horrible allergies and I don’t dust properly so it’s just stupid to have them. I did however cover the window on my back door with a lovely printed fabric. A friend wrapped a gift for my daughter in it. Golden arches house gorgeous birds in and out of flight. The only colors are blue and gold, I love it and love that it came from Senegal where my friend was studying West African dance, which immediately makes her awesome!

Lastly, for this evening I received my first delivery today to my new home office. Coffee for my Nespresso machine. A machine that served as an extra for the past few years – in case of emergency. It fits perfect in the corner of the kitchen, which I will call a cafe’ because I won’t be cooking thank you. I like that it is sleek and quick not unlike a quickie. Nevermind that nonsense, apparently I am in sexual purgatory. That’s a story for another night friends. Coffee pods fill a shelf above the machine and I have a few mugs that make me giggle or pause. A picture of my daughter, when she was still in a diaper, throwing back a Starbucks in a red Christmas cup is perched in a frame next to a bowl of sugar. We spent so much time at Starbucks when she was little. We lived across the street and we would walk there often and to the bakery nearby to buy bread.

{Humph, the bread that I ate too much of}

My family is happy I am home and safe and I intend to get comfortable in my house again. I desperately want to grow with a feeling of hope and content with my Eggs. Letting me go a little has been a gift they have finally given me.  Thanks for hanging out with me while I broke in the first story up here. I love you all for reading. xxx Leigh

One thought on “Comfortably

  1. Call me stalker material, but I think this is the first time i’ve noticed you adding your name at the end of a post. At least I know what name to call out now….

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