Welcome to Waltham

Thank you for taking the time to stop by.  I welcome you to read through my world at Eggs.Smoke.Sex.  It is a world full of stories. Stories that I have woven together as I realize, possibly like many of you; that I have allowed my past to define and pave the way for present and my future.

All of us are coping, and for as different each of us are; as are our struggles. You may know me as your waitress, or student, “his” girlfriend, or maybe our children share a classroom. Better yet, I am somebody you used to know.  My name is Leigh, I am a rape and trauma survivor.

This blog was created as a means for me to have an outlet for my emotions. I had kept my blog anonymous in an effort to shield my young children from hearing bad stories about their Mommy. My entries are not about other people.  My stories are about me and the cycle of behaviors that I navigate through on a daily basis. Yes, sometimes there are stories that contain others because, quite frankly, I haven’t walked through my life alone.  Though, alone is often how I feel.

I appreciate your interest. I am not ashamed of any of the unfortunate circumstances that led me to my actions and reactions. My abuse began at the age of five. I reacted as a child. Because I was a child. I did not have a map to follow and made mistakes that allowed more predators to take advantage of me. I was enveloped in shame for many years. No longer do I feel the shame so forcefully shoved down my throat as a threat – but rather as a means to an end.
The End?  No, certainly the end does not have to be the end of my life nor the end of my storytelling. But rather the end of cycles of allowing people to manipulate me. I am coping.  And these are my stories. Leigh xxx
Curious? But don’t have a lot of time?
Identify–and want to learn more?

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