You are Cordially Invited

The holidays and more significantly Winter, are upon us, and speaking for myself this season has been quite tumultuous thus far. Challenges continue to arise. God-willing and through the trusted support of professionals, family and friends; I am getting through.

I am coping.

I have missed writing deeply, like missing a favorite worn thin blanket.  I know this is true because the words just continue to pile up in my head, making it heavy and unable to focus.

Coping with the recent deaths in my house has been very difficult for me and for my family. We are all feeling a very deep loss and honestly lots of empty rooms. I feel like I coped and lived with them for so long, realizing and accepting disease and differences and just plain old getting old. My writing has been such a deep sense of comfort and healing to me. I have written stories and poems all my life and at any given time journals, notebooks and scraps of paper can be found around my spaces with words and doodles scribbled inside. More often than not, you’ll see hearts drawn with loved ones names.

I am a puffy heart and rainbows kinda girl I guess.

Although I haven’t been able to spend time writing these past eight weeks, I have been dealing with life ~ certainly on life’s terms. I have been connecting more deeply with my children and loved ones. I have been open and honest with those close to me, trying my best to let them know I love them often, even when I don’t seem very lovable. And yes, drinking wine and smoking of course, because we all cope with challenges differently.

What I have learned about that is ~ “Yay! We are all different!”  

The blogging community and Twitter has been and continues to prove to be-a priceless asset. Men and women from all different places and spaces in the world sharing love, and stories, and experiences of joy, suffering and hope. The outpouring of support I have received in the past and on a daily basis permeates any sense of loneliness or despair I feel in a world I have so often felt outcast in.

I would like to showcase some of the stories of, “Coping with Life”, from my readers. We all have strategies, healthy or not, to deal. I am fascinated and honored to have read and discussed strategies with so many people this year. Please share a story with me. You have all helped me so much. All of our words make a difference.

I don’t care if you are a “writer” or not –  please send me a story, a letter, or a poem highlighting how you deal or have dealt with the struggles inevitably handed out in life.  Consider yourself, cordially invited.

I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you from the bottom of my big puffy heart. Leigh xxx

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