Perfume-That Smell

I adored my first bottle of Opium perfume. It was a gift from a boy. I was very much in love with the perfume, the smoky jasmine and sensual vanilla notes making a melancholy teenager stuck in urban suburbia yearn for bigger things. The young man was gone long before that bottle of lustful essence.

The first time I heard the song that Smell by Lynard Skynard I was in my early teens, full of angst, rebellion, booze and drugs. I have always loved music much in the same way I love books. Finding myself lost in lyrics or rhythms. The line; The smell of death surrounds you, meant something totally different to a kid getting stoned with her friends than it does to  a middle-aged woman seeking after peace in her soul. Compared to the early teen smell of the death of a fire in the woods, boyfriend & girlfriend relationships and muscle cars gone crazy, the song resonates more clearly now. Clearer now that I have lost friends to drugs, alcohol, suicide and associated diseases. The aromas of those early days for me always include smoke, rubber burning, wet leaves and cool raw air.

I fell in love with flowers working in a florist naturally. My mother always kept green plants in our house and she still has a dozen in her tiny apartment. The kitchen window would always have three or four african violets in clay pots. I was never interested in plants and only fell into the florist by accident. It was a fortuitous accident for me as I loved the flowers and the gays. I loved the main street the shop was on even as it deteriorated in the late eighties. The bustle of each coming holiday never failed to bring some sort of spirit and camaraderie amongst my co-workers, and often the most drama.

ooh that smell

Roses weren’t immediately my favorite, only the scent of them was. Some of them sweet like a rich dark honey, some spicy like fresh cracked pepper or a crisp summer night in the woods after a long rainy day. Diptyque makes lovely florals as does Lush.

{I wear both regularly}

I cannot stand the smell of food cooking when i am sleeping. It started when my brother would cook hamburgers or hot dogs when I would still be in bed in the morning.  Most likely not feeling well. I have no idea why he had to eat meat so early but he always did.  One of the most foul smells to this day is a dirty hamburger pan on the kitchen stove from another room. I am sensitive to the way other people smell often becoming impatient in the mall with all those candles and teenagers and old ladies. Puppies smell yummy and fresh ground coffee is full of anticipation. Fresh and Aveda create fragrances that wear and mix easily with the daily shuffling of errands, dog parks and Will & Grace.

I went through a short-lived patchouli phase when a friend told me he didn’t care for me smelling like a tree all the time. I agree now.

My current favorite parfum is by Byredo. It carries the jasmine and violet that make me feel comfortable and confident in my skin with a smoky amber that appeals to my lustful side. Scents by Honore Des Pres are also playful and flirty, appealing to my make out side. The essence of beauty and the air of sultry comes from within.

The smell of death accompanied by broken promises, hearts and families is ever so poignant in a world with constant access and obsession with news and media.

Each of us has our own special perfume. It is the life force we give off in our authenticity.

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